Productivity of LS was 167% & RS over 100%: MoS (See 'TOG News')PM says labour reforms will ensure well being of workers and boost economy (See 'TOG News')Measures being taken to boost Industrial Growth Rate: Govt (See 'TOG News')COVID-19 & Digital Technologies eat up romance of 'OFFICE' & also sovereignty to levy taxes! (See 'THE COB(WEB)' in TIOL)INTL - Revenue cannot reject Form 35A due to procedural lapse of it not being signed by the director concerned & where assessee obtains signature of another director in pressing circumstances: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Section 54F mandates that sale proceeds from sale of original capital asset be utilised to purchase or construct new residential property, regardless of it being before or after date of sale of original asset: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Customs - Rejection of declared value of imported goods, u/r 12 of CVR is not sustainable, where the Revenue did not chronologically apply the provisions of Rules 4-9: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Service Tax - Refund u/s 11B of CEA 1944 is rightly disallowed where claimant-service provider passed on incidence of duty onto service recipient & where the former did not refund such amount to the latter: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Tele-law reaches out to vulnerable sections (See 'TOG News')Economic recovery - Aggressive spending is Hobson's Choice: UNCTAD (See 'TOG News')TP - It is fit case for remand where transaction of payment of discount/rebate to overseas AE, is deemed to be sham transaction, without first appreciating the Master Service Agreements between the assessee & its AEs: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Late filling fee cannot be levied u/s 234E where date of filing of TDS statement & date of intimation are much prior to 06.06.2015, being date of introduction of Section 234E: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')VAT - Claim for input tax credit cannot be denied solely because the dealers from whom the assessee made purchases, had not paid taxes or that the final products manufactured by the assessee were not exported: HC (See 'TOG Latest')Service Tax - That challans submitted as evidence of payment of duty, did not bear a legible bank seal, is invalid grounds to reject such challans - fresh duty demand raised is unsustainable: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Composite criteria to help MSME sector: MoS (See 'TOG News')3,82,581 shell companies strick off: MoS (See 'TOG News')
Tax on Go
Budget 2015
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